MINNEAPOLIS, MN - Woodchuck Case, selling real wood covers for phones, tablets and laptops,  through online outlets of BestBuy and Target, has launched cherry wood and wool felt Traveler Series of laptop and tablet cases. The new offering arrives in time for Cyber Monday selling.

The Minneapolis-based artisans have used several tacks to market their portfolio of real wood covers for what they term "lifestyle devices," including Beats by Dre headphones, for which they offer stick-on mahogany covers. The line uses 3M adhesive to affix the covers, sometimes called "decals."

Ben VandenWymelenberg, WOODCHUCK CEO and founder

Ben VandenWymelenberg, Woodchuck Case CEO and founder, promotes the wood products as "American made," and his company as an effort to support manufacturing in America. A video (below) shows a visit to KMS, a metal working shop in Manitowoc, WI, that makes recycled aluminum parts for some of the iPhone wood cases.

"At Woodchuck, we strive to provide unique and personalized products that stand apart from the crowd while maintaining our mission of bringing quality, natural and sustainable products into consumers' lives," says VandenWymelenberg.

Woodchuck products are designed, manufactured, engraved, etched and assembled in Minneapolis,  with sustainable wood from Kentucky including ebony, walnut, mahogany and birch. The newest Traveler Series of carry cases, priced around $100, are designed for iPads, tablets, Kindles and laptops up to 15 inches.

Woodchuck cases can be personalized, and the company has secured a number of reviews on Youtube tech channels that show its wood cases being affixed to phones and tablets, and the Beats by Dre headphones

Woodchuck Case, selling real wood covers for smartphones, tablets, laptops and  Beats by Dre headphones through outlets like BestBuy and Target, launches cherry wood and wool felt Traveler Series of laptop and tablet cases.

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