ZION CROSSROADS, VA - A wood manufacturing company employee was killed when the cab of his truck was accidentally filled with sawdust. OSHA is expected to investigate the incident, which took place at Chips Inc., a wood pellet manufacturer near Zion Crossroads, VA.

The accident, which happened May 5, took the life of Sean Lucas, 46, according to local media reports. Lucas had driven a dump truck under a multi-story sawdust hopper, to load the trailer of the truck. After the loading was complete, Lucas moved the truck, placing the cab under the hopper. It opened again, overwhelming the truck cab and the driver. 

Recent OSHA Sawdust Related Actions
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Although rules regarding presence of combustible dust per se have not been established by OSHA, the presence of combustible sawdust as a danger to employees is frequently cited in recent OSHA enforcement notices. A free webcast featuring Air Handling Systems' Jamison Scott outlining the status of rules regarding sawdust handling is available at WoodworkingNetwork.com/webcasts

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