A guide to industrial explosion protection includes scientific basics, case studies of combustible dust explosions, and prevention measures. The 44-page publication from Rembe also carries a glossary of combustible dust terms, and details the explosion of a wood chip furnace, as well as other inudstry operations with aspects of safety that have parallels to sawdust collection and handling in wood products manufacturing .

Industrial Explosion Guide to ComDust Prevention The wood chip furnace case study details an explosion that occurred during a cleaning cycle. The operator was hand feeding wood waste to the furnace when glowing embers in the virtually empty furnace caused a large dust/air cloud to form. Lacking an isolation chamber, a dust explosion shot into the room.

Several other other case studies of explosions in industries handling combustible material are detailed, along with mitigation practices implemented afterward. Detailed are a flour packing station in a flour mill; magnesium powder mixing plants; dust extraction from a rubber grinding machine; coal dust extraction; welding on a starch silo; a flash dryer for a case making plant using ABS powder, among others.

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