Somers, CT - Since the National Dust Emphasis Program was introduced by OSHA in 2009, manufacturers have taken steps to improve their dust collection systems, their production processes, and their work environment for employees. Aquest Corporation helps manufacturers make the correct decisions in equipment, design, and allocation of resources.

The Micro Air RP1 Twister has become a great alternative to large dust collection systems that require explosion panels and secondary explosion dampers. The internal cabinet space of the Twister is what adheres to OSHA regulations and allows it to be positioned inside facilities on processes for the removal of dust.

Aquest Corporation continues to think “outside of the box” when it comes to system design and considers the cost-effective solution to be the only solution. The Micro Air RP1 Twister continues to impress customers because of its performance.

The RP1 Twister is unitary in design and can be hung from the ceiling, mounted on the wall, or lagged to the floor. It is cylindrical in design and is only 18.5” round.

Manufactures make decisions on dust collection systems based on CFM, air to cloth ratios, and cost. The Micro Air RP1 dust collector does not disappoint in any of those criteria.

It features a single cartridge and can handle upwards of 1,000 CFM of air. The RP1 Twister features a cyclonic design which separates large dust particles into a hopper and finer dust particles into a filter.

This dust collection system can be positioned inside a facility because of its size and filtration efficiency. It is a highly efficient dust collector.

Aquest Corporation has had the opportunity to design unique ways to make the Micro Air RP1 Dust Collector work in facilities around New England. Custom designed hoods for capture of dust and custom duct work configurations for optimized airflow are essential steps to producing a dust collection system that works.

The Micro Air RP1 Twister can handle low to medium volumes of dust and features a barrel lid kit. It also features reverse pulse cleaning which extends the life of a filter.

Aquest Corporation will be featuring the Micro Air RP1 Twister at the upcoming EASTEC Show next week, from May 14th to May 16th, at the Big-E Fairgrounds in West Springfield, Massachusetts. Aquest can be found at booth #3151.

Aquest Corporation is a 27 year old environmental engineering firm. Aquest designs, engineers, installs, and services a complete line of industrial air filtration and air pollution control systems.

Source: Aquest Corporation

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