GREENBELT, MD  –  The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) has adopted three new standards for testing windows and doors from processes developed by National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC).

The new procedures have been designated with International Code Council (ICC) Building Codes ANSI/NFRC 100-2014, ANSI/NFRC 200-2014, and ANSI/NFRC 400-2014.

NSI/NFRC 100-2014 will be used to determine a fenestration product’s U-factor, or its ability to prevent heat from escaping a home or building. ANSI/NFRC 200-2014 will be used to determine solar heat gain coefficients and visible transmittance at normal incidence. ANSI/NFRC 400-2014 will be used to determine air leakage.

As non-profit group of manufacturers and suppliers, the NRFC works to create uniform labeling and certification systems for the energy saving abilities of windows and doors.

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