Cabinet Doors: Storage & Handling Tips for Improved QualityBelow are five tips for correct storage and handling of doors.

1. When working with cherry wood, be careful to store the components and lumber completely covered until ready to finish. Be careful even after finishing as cherry continues to darken over time and will darken unevenly if exposed unevenly to sunlight (see picture).

Keep doors wrapped in packaging and store flat until ready to finish. This prevents uneven exposure to sunlight which can cause uneven material color depending on the wood species and it prevents uneven stress on the doors due to improper stacking. Product packaging is generally designed to protect the door from damage in transit as well as the elements, including humidity and sunlight.

2. When you finish cabinet doors, be careful not to let sweat from your forehead drop onto the doors and be careful touching the door if your hands are very sweaty. Oil from your forehead or hands can show up as spots in the finished product.

3. Do not lean doors at an angle against the wall. Leaning doors against a wall can cause uneven pressure on the door, which can cause the door to bow. This happens even more quickly when a group of doors is leaned against a wall, due to the weight of the additional doors pressing against the doors in the back of the stack.

4. To prevent warpage and twisting on large parts (over 48-inch height and 24-inch width) split typical raised panel doors into two panels divided by a center rail or stile.

5. Apply a high-quality finish to the doors as soon as possible — we recommend within 14 days of receipt — sooner if conditions warrant, especially with radius doors. Finish should be applied to all surfaces of the door, regardless of exposure. Unfinished wood requires protection from moisture and sudden changes in temperature and humidity, and should never be delivered to an uncontrolled job site that is exposed to the elements or has recently been plastered or drywalled.

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