$79 Million Doors, $140 Million Cabinetry Hurricane Sandy Tab
December 7, 2013 | 6:25 pm CST
$79 Million Doors, $140 Million Cabinetry Hurricane Sandy Tab

$79 Million Doors, $140 Million Cabinetry Hurricane Sandy TabMore than $79 million in interior doors, $38 million in bathroom vanity cabinets, and $26 million in hardwood flooring are on the tab for Hurricane Sandy losses covered by the federal government.

A total $1.8 billion has been covered by the Federal Emergency Management Agency, for uninsured losses suffered by residents and businesses as a consequence of the 2012 superstorm. Among the items were 2.1 million square feet of hardwood flooring, costing $26 million to replace, funded by grants from FEMA.

FEMA reports 79,353 interior doors ruined by the storm were replaced, which it funded through grants totalling more than $11 million. The tabulation also includes 38,239 bathroom vanity cabinets, replaced through FEMA grants at a cost of $7 million.

Losses for kitchen cabinetry and cabinets in closets, pantries and other rooms were the biggest item covered by FEMA grants: 140,05 base cabinets at a total cost of $25 million are listed on the latest accounting of Hurricane Sandy grants by the federal agency.

The FEMA figures only cover losses that were not covered by private insurance policies. Total losses in each category would run much higher.

Home Depot said sales related to Hurricane Sandy were approximately $47 million in the second quarter of 2013; fourth quarter of fiscal 2012 sales rose 13.9% with Hurricane Sandy rebuilding contributing to the rise.

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