March 10
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NWFA 2014 Grand Rapids, MI Workshops & NWFACP Sand & Finish Certification Training & Testing

About the Event:

Workshops Offered at Energyst Solutions in Grand Rapids, MI:

March 10: Moisture Mitigation & Water/Wood covers wood acclimation and conditioning, jobsite evaluation, water and wood relationships, moisture testing and moisture meters, concrete testing, hygrometers, and proper documentation methods.

March 11: Problems, Causes & Cures explores an in-depth dissection of common problems, identifying their causes, and how to cure them. The workshop will focus on problems specific to the geographic location of the event.

March 12: Wood Floor Repairs provides an introduction to advanced level repair work on finished floors, injections, board replacements, factory finished repairs, color matching, dyes and shellacs, color theory, and collecting payment for the job.

March 13: NWFACP Sand & Finish Certification Training provides detailed training on sanding process, abrasive sequence, final sanding methods, stain application, sealer application, intercoat abrasion, final coat application, jobsite preparation, and safety. A mastery of these topics is essential to become an NWFA Certified Sand & Finish Professional.

March 14: NWFACP Certification Testing includes one day of hands-on certification testing. On-site proctors will be on hand to observe and certify qualified contractors.

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