January 27
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Forest Products Investment Conference

About the Event:

The Forest Products Investment Conference is geared toward timber asset investors and analysts tracking forest products companies, as well as fund managers, TIMOs and REITS, landowners, endowments and forest products producers.

During the two-day event, attendees will hear from industry leaders, analysts and economists and receive detailed outlooks on all key timber-using products, along with information on how those products will impact the demand for timber and how the demand will impact timber investment strategies and prices.

Specific highlights will include:

Day 1 - RISI's highly regarded team of economists will provide insight into the latest outlooks on all forest product market segments in North America, including lumber, panels, pulp, paper, paperboard and wood pellets, with a special focus on the strength of the housing market recovery and the impact of European wood pellet demand on North America.

Day 2 - RISI and DANA will lead a series of discussions based on the theme, "North America: Is it still the best location in the world for timberland investment?" The session will feature other invited speakers and RISI economists who will focus on trends in log and woodchip prices, listed versus non-listed timber investments, forecasts of supply and demand for timber in North America, timberland price trends and the interaction between carbon markets, the agricultural sector and timberland investments.

The conference will also feature numerous networking opportunities where attendees from the financial community can foster new alliances and partnerships with both timberland investors and the timber-using industries.

Registration for the conference will be live on October 28.

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Forest Products Investment Conference


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