October 13
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26th WMI Workshop on Design, Manufacture and Maintenance of Saws and Knives

About the Event:

The WMI Workshop on Design, Operation and Maintenance of Saws and Knives will provide you with up-to-date information necessary to increase your company’s profits by maximizing sawing accuracy and the rate of sawing and by reducing kerf losses, machine downtime and maintenance costs, and potential accidents in the wood industry.

Issues to be explored include: economics of sawing variation and on-line sawing performance control; impact of steel characteristics on cutting saw blade performance; saw design with saw lubrication and cooling systems; circular and band saw stiffness and stability and computer software for critical speed calculation; advances in saw tensioning and tension evaluation; identifying what you stand to gain and lose by changing saw design; on-line measurement and analysis of sawing performance and sawing accuracy; economics of advanced cutting tool materials and troubleshooting procedures; solid style chipping heads and disposable knife system for planer heads; lumber size control program; key maintenance criteria which impact sawing equipment positioning, feeding and scanning accuracy. An understanding of these principles will enable you to analyze and improve sawing performance in your operation. In addition, there will be a special session on safety and ergonomic issues in wood processing and a review of causes of accidents and how they can be avoided.

The workshop faculty consists of nine lecturers from the United States and Canada, each a recognized expert in his field. The faculty will combine lectures, video presentations and demonstrations of computer software, in order to address problems in operating and maintaining circular and band saws and chipper and planer knives, and to suggest possible solutions.

Szymani, WMI Workshop Leader, has been conducting Workshops on Design and Operation of Circular and Band Saws since 1980 in the USA and abroad, and has been consulting on wood machining problems and investigating accidents with woodworking equipment for over 35 years.

Cost: $$695.00 Early Bird Registration

Time: to


Holiday Inn Portland Airport, Portland, OR

Berkeley, CA 94701

United States


Contacts: R. Szymani, Saw Doctor

Website: www.woodmachining.com

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 925-943-5240


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