Advancements in Fiber-Polymer Composites: Wood Fiber, Natural Fibers, and Nanocellulose

About the Event:

The conference seeks to bring together industry, government, and academia to discuss the latest developments in fiber-polymer composites and represents an evolution of the International Wood and Biofiber Plastic Composites conference series initiated by FPL and the University of Toronto, and hosted biennially by FPL. This conference covers topics relating to wood-plastic composites, an important and growing segment of the forest products industry. In addition, the conference covers the new field of nano-cellulose composites. This advanced field will pave the way for new and enhanced forest products, including expansion into non-traditional markets.

Cost: $$595

Time: to


Hilton Milwaukee City Center

Milwaukee, WI


Contacts: Nicole Stark



Phone: 608-231-9200


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