Help your wood products company grow by utilizing the proven strategies from the WOOD 100. Experts from Woodworking Networks' WOOD 100 share their tips and techniques for marketing and improving productivity. Watch the webcast now, On Demand!

This webcast provides you with the tools you need to improve your business, marketing and production strategies — and grow your sales.

Learn how to:

• Develop a good brand message
• Improve marketing through social media and other methods
• Expand and identify sales growth opportunities
• Determine the ROI for new technology & lean manufacturing

Who should watch:

• CEOs and Owners
• Marketing Coordinators
• Production and Operations Managers
• Sales Managers


Webcast: Marketing & Manufacturing Strategies of the WOOD 100Webcast: Marketing & Manufacturing Strategies of the WOOD 100



Vince Nardo
Reborn Cabinets
Randy Thoele
Vice President of Operations
Stevens Industries

Joe Schumacher
Lean Operations Manager
Stevens Industries


Karen Koenig
Editor-in-Chief, Woodworking Network









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