Mass customization, the latest frontier in wood products production, allows manufacturers to deliver a wide range of individually tailored products, but without a corresponding increase in production costs.

The secret is sophisticated machinery, and equally sophisticated software – able to interpret orders, track product, and monitor fulfillment - to deliver orders to those machines, which produce goods and services to meet individual customer needs, with near mass production efficiency.

The challenge is part management, and part technological: setting your plant operations free from traditional mass-production models. With single product output – batch one – there is no room for error, or time for physical makeready before a production run.

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Russ Kahn
Product Manager for Manufacturing Solutions
20-20 Technologies

Russ has worked in the furniture industry for over 20 years in manufacturing operations, engineering, and IT. An Industrial Engineer, he got his start at Haworth, the largest privately held office furniture manufacturer in North America. Russ is a champion for mass customization, lean manufacturing, and the technologies that support them. He has been with 20-20 Technologies for 12 years, consulting with furniture manufacturers on the integration of information technology into their manufacturing operations and currently serves as Product Manager for Manufacturing Solutions.


Cesare Magnani
Brand Sales Manager

Cesare Magnani is the Biesse Brand Sales Manager and an electronic engineer with twenty years’ experience in the woodworking industry. He has been working for Biesse since 1994, first in the factory as Custom Unit Project Manager, then as Product Manager. He came to Biesse America in 1998 and has been serving the American customer base since.



Bill Esler
Editorial Director, Woodworking Network
Vance Wood Interiors Media Group

Bill Esler is responsible for coordinating all content for Wood Products, Custom Woodworking Business, and Closets magazines,, along with related newsletters. He also chairs the Woodwork Career Alliance Education Committee, the woodworking industry education advocacy arm of WCA.

Broadcast date: June 12, 2:00 p.m. CT.



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