Darryl Hogeback of Savante Wine Cellars, Denver, is a finalist in the 2015 Custom Woodworking Design Portfolio Awards with his project “Clark Wine Room” entered in the Specialty Products category.

Project Description: Custom Wine Cellar built in a multi curved wall space with exterior windows. Center wine carousel tower which holds 24 bottles per individule carousel, 12 on display angle and 12 laying down. Bottle necks point out in middle and in ward where confined by curved cabinet sides. Each carousel rotates individually. Lower Magnum bottle storage ,Middle and upper 750ml bottle storage, Case storage beneath stained glass windows, Diamond storage and seven, 48" deep pull out drawers with front display row. Display rows throughout room are highlighted by LED ribbon light , Counters are made from reclaimed wine barrel heads, purple side up, with counter under windows designed with tapered "Sunrise" pieces to follow curved window wall. Center lid and bulk head around the room features curver movable ladder rail to allow for access to upper racking cabinetry. Custom curved crown follows the cabinetry around the perimeter of the room. Stained Glass framed in removable window panels with LED backlighting. for night time and natural sunlight in the day. All bottle spaces , case , diamond, drawer pull outs and carousel are laser numbered for inventory purposes.

Project Construction Details: Furniture grade mortise and tenon joinery with dowel rods to hold bottles used throughout the racking. Steam bent curved horizantal racking front and back supports the dowels. Carousel built with tangential dowel spaceing to support the circles span. Tounge and Groove wine barrel head , purple side up , counter. Custom curved crown to fit room at soffit.

Materials Used: White Oak was used throughout the room ,with propritary fume and oil finish to allow for a darker wood color without the use of VOC offgasing stains or lacquers. Custom Stained Glass and Ladder, LED lighting

Equipment and/or Software Used: Standard woodworking equiptment, steam bending tooling, Sketch Up design software. ( See presentation board )


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