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Design Portfolio: A welcome innovation and partnership for 2023

The pandemic has super charged many business transitions that would otherwise have taken years to occur. For the Composite Panel Association (CPA), we have accelerated our own innovation by launching a new partnership with Woodworking Network to publish CPA’s 20-year-old Guide to specifying composite panels and decorative surfaces.

Woodworking Industry News

Women in woodworking honored with 2023 Women MAKE America awards

Women in the wood products industry are making an impact whether they work in the C-suite or on the production floor. Recently, efforts by two leaders in the wood products arena were honored with the 2023 Women MAKE America awards presented by the Manufacturing Institute. Christine Marvin of Marvin Windows and Doors and Leigh Ann Richardson of Koppers, an integrated global provider of treated wood products, wood treatment chemicals, and carbon compounds, were two of 127 other women across the country in receiving this distinction.

Pricing & Supply

Madison’s Reporter: More lumber price increases on tightened supply

The sawmill curtailments of recent months, especially those ongoing in the western part of North America, served to bring lumber prices up slightly. At this point, levels are still somewhat below cost-of-production in the important supply basket of British Columbia — which has been roughly estimated at approximately US$500 mfbm. The strategy of reducing production, carried out in a quite disciplined way, is mainly to prevent prices from falling even further.

Wood Explorer

Western spruces: Englemann and Sitka have similar properties

Two major spruces are found in the western forests of the United States. Engelmann spruce (Picea engelmannii) is found throughout the Rocky Mountains, from Alberta to Arizona. It’s named after George Englemann, who discovered this species in the mid-1800s. Sitka spruce (Picea sitchensis) is found primarily within 50 miles of the Pacific Coast, from Alaska to northern California. The name comes from Sitka Island, where the tree was discovered in 1892; Sitka spruce is also Alaska’s state tree.