A new veneer material approach, Chester, is being developed in a cooperative project between designers Oya-Meryem Yanik & Anastasiya Koshcheeva. Both are based in Berlin.

Chester mixes mouldable plywood with stitched veneer, creating a material innovation. According to post at Cargocollective.com, the two have developed a veneer surface material that is held together, with seams stitched without using glue. Both decorative and practical, the two say the quilted look also provides cushioning. Chester can be used either independently or in conjunction with plywood.

Koshcheeva, who emigrated from Krasnoyarsk, Siberia to Berlin, Germany in 2006, says her creative process starts with the material.

"I explore each material’s unique potential, aesthetic features, and haptic qualities in an experimental way and turn my insights into design concepts. My work is characterized by the combination of contrasting textures, colors, and skills. I create products with character that have a story and tell it through the design. I turned a decade old Siberian handcraft, that I know from my childhood into contemporary design."

According to Yanik, Chester "can be used not only in the furniture industry but also in other areas such as transportation, architecture or lightweight [construction]. The developed material will be produced according to individual notion of color and pattern, cut to size and can be processed forming or flat. It opens up new possibilities." Yanik maintains a website that includes Chester wood veneer at behance.com

The material is currently in the development. Contact: stitchedwood@gmail.com

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