Veneer Technology’s line of thick edgebanding
Veneer Technology’s line of thick edgebanding

Seamless edges, fast processing and enhanced capabilities are just some of the developments spurring the panel processing market to new heights. Also advancing are the materials, with more design options than ever before. Visit for additional suppliers.

ESI (Edgebanding Services Inc.)
offers a variety of PVC edgebanding in stock sizes, from 0.018-inch to 5mm thick. Thousands of colors and patterns are available, including custom digital printing of logos or themes. The edgebanding comes pre-glued or for use with hot-melt adhesive systems.
(800) 470-5831,

DC Distributing
offers Aluminum Brushed Metallic edgebanding custom slit to specifications, up to 5-inch wide or in master rolls. On the horizon will be Stainless Steel Brushed Metallic banding, also in master rolls and with custom slitting services.
(800) 727-0917,

Stiles Machinery
says the Brandt airTec unit offers optimal zero joints, a benefit when processing high gloss and textured materials.  To achieve zero joint finish, the function layer on the edging material is reactivated by compressed hot air, providing seamless adhesion.  Other benefits include: a 50% higher heat resistance than EVA hotmelt glue; and passes a 30 minute steam test.
(616) 698-7500,

Biesse America’s
AirForce hot air edgebander system emits forceful hot compressed air through a slot nozzle directly onto the reactive layer of the banding to activate it and bond the banding to the substrate. AirForce’s technique allows changes based on banding colors without any setup, says Biesse. The Biesse AirForce system won an AWFS Visionary Award in 2013.
(877) 8 BIESSE,

supplies a variety of edgebanding, including wood, ABS and PVC. Real wood edgebanding is available in GREENGUARD certified species, eligible for LEED programs. Also available are ABS and PVC bandings in more than 4,000 combinations of colors and widths.
(800) 619-5446,

Scm Group’s
Minimax ME 35 applies thin or thick edges from a roll and solid wood strips up to 5mm. The Panel Movement System ensures a smooth and linear panel movement while the  hand wheel raises and lowers the pressure beam for automatic positioning of the operating units, according to the panel thickness.
(800) 292-1850,

offers the Model PEB250-TRC Glue Pot Edgebander for PVC, polyester, melamine and veneer tapes up to 3mm and laminate strips. Ideal for small shops and large shops with custom work, the portable PEB250-TRC features speed and temperature control and tape feed control with an adjustable tape exit and glue dosage control.
(800) 868-9663,

popular line of high-gloss acrylic edgebanding, including Two-Tone Metallics, Solids, Champagne and Glass, are included in the company’s Acrylic Collection. One roll minimum and same day shipping are available.
(800) 644-6449,

Casadei Busellato’s
Flexa 17 edgebander is targeted for small shops. The machine processes PVC from 0.4mm – 3mm and strip capacity up to 5mm, and features an end trim, top and bottom trim, scraping and buffing, with a diamond pre-milling unit as an option.
(336) 854-1211,

Model 8805 contour edgebander features a movable head that easily follows the workpiece on tight and sharp radiuses as small as 30mm. Butt joints to 0.15mm tolerances are achievable, too, says Oliver. It features a touchscreen control panel and parameters, which are quick to set.
(800) 559-5065,

IMA America
offers the Quadromat TS single-sided edgebanding and finishing machine with the ICOS TS control system.  The Quadromat has an integrated reversible feed chain for transporting the  panel forward and back, plus a joint-milling unit, gluing unit, multiple milling unit, flat scraper, profile scraper and buffing unit.
(919) 246-0350,

G660 edgebander has diamond-tipped premilling cutters and can process coiled and strip edgings up to 6mm thick. The spiral milling cutters create tear-free, quality material edges, and a quick-remove glue pot offers easy maintenance and glue changes, says Felder.
(866) 792-288,

offers NEXGEN edgebanding in colors and finishes to match many laminates. Olon says NEXGEN edgebanding offers a variety of features including high heat resistance, pliability, formability and good internal bond strength.
(800) 387-2319,

Safety Speed
offers the 72GP with a glue pot and adjustable glue extrusion, and the 60HA hot air unit with adjustable heat nozzle. Both have digital electronic temperature control, micro-adjust tape guides, Accutrim edge trim systems, electromagnetic end cutters and more.
(800) 772-2327,

Laguna Tools
says the Bandit 8000 can handle up to 5mm edgebanding plus wood and laminate strips. Features include high frequency motors for both end trimming and top and bottom trimming. It also has top and bottom scraping units, buffing stations and an electronic temperature control with digital readout.
(800) 234-1976,

LaserEdge is an adhesive-free, non-PVC laser edgeband for seam-free edging via laser, plasma or hot air banders. The two-layer edgeband is offered in proprietary PP, ABS or PMMA polymer formulations for a variety of applications
(800) 247-9445,

Lumina Edgebander Series includes its Ltronic laser edging unit, a completely integrated solution for processing laser edging. The NIR ( near infrared radiation) module in the Ltronic unit activates the functional layer of the laser edging using electronic control to produce invisible joints resulting from matching the color of the panel surface to the specific edging. For other applications, including solid wood edging, Holz-Her offers the patented Glu Jet glue application system.  
(704) 587-3400,

MX340 compact edgebander can apply up to 3mm thick edgebanding.  Working units include: high frequency end trim, high frequency top and bottom trim, PVC scraping, and buffing station. It is equipped with a heated infeed fence.
(888) 982-2683,

offers edgebanding with texture finishes to coordinate with tactile surfaces on decorative panels. The textured surfaces can be used as a stand-alone woodgrain scheme or in combination with contemporary materials such as glass, stainless steel and real wood.
(336) 668-9555,

SNX Technologies
offers the Fravol Smart S600-23 edgebander featuring a patented gluing system. The S600 features a patented corner-rounding unit designed to follow any edge profile, including beveled, from 1-3mm radius.
(320) 380-3800,

Hebrock Airtronic Zero Line Edgebander features a hot air system which replaces an adhesive unit and anchors the liquid polymer to the substrate for a durable jointless connection. Because the zero line adhesive is so small, matching color is not a factor, and buffing and cleaning are kept to a minimum. 
(704) 921-0360,

Mobil 2500 and 3000 series edgebanding press attaches solid wood edges to panels. They are equipped with two heating elements and two (Mobil 2500) or three (Mobil 3000) pneumatic clamping stations. Each station features two horizontal clamping cylinders to secure panels.
(866) 248 – 0100,

Westlund Distributing’s
website allows woodworkers to quickly match PVC edgebanding to laminates and melamine board. It also features real wood veneer, generic and pre-glued banding, along with adhesives and tools.
(800) 325-6878,

Cehisa Compact Series entry-level edgebander features 31 fpm processing speed, 50mm panel height, up to 3mm PVC edge material and 5mm solid wood strips. Standard features include quick melt glue pot, insert tooling and a PLC control screen.
(336) 884-1846,

Cross Reference and Product Guide has product and design information as well as a reference to laminate brands and types.
(800) 461-0061,

Veneer Technology’s
line of thick edgebanding can be used for high throughput casegood applications as well as studio projects. Standard width is 7/8-inch and coil size is 328 feet. Stock species include: red oak, maple, birch, mahogany, cherry, walnut, white oak, alder and beech, in thicknesses of 1.5mm and 3.00mm. Custom species and thicknesses are also available.
(800) 593-5601,

EB60 Flex adhesive applicator offers real-time nozzle width adjustment up to 60mm on either the board or the band. Using its patented edge-on-demand technology, the EB60 dispenses adhesives using a closed system to protect adhesive integrity and reduce maintenance.
(800) 683-2314,

Sovereign Machine
rebuilds glue pot applicators for all brands of edgebanders. The company stocks all normal rebuild parts like seals, heaters, and RTDs for quick service.
(616) 447-1202,

Flexible Materials
offers Woodtrim wood edgebanding in a variety of backers, widths, species and thicknesses. The fleece-backed Woodtrim is also available pre-glued.
(812) 280-7000,

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