It's true - we are finishing the Valentine's month joining the promotion of "everything is Grey," and it's not just about the movie, but design trends have also been on a "grey" theme for some time. Here are two "grey" veneers, Vtec Cerused Oak, available in both flat cut and quarter cut. Vtec is MBVC's reconstituted veneer line, and an innovative and cost-effective approach to real wood veneer. With this eco-friendly product, customers receive superior quality with the ability to match other natural veneer patterns.

The potential for customization is endless with this Vtec species because of its

ability to provide consistency throughout all elements of the design. Join us in celebrating "grey" and request your finished samples today!

Name: Vtec Cerused Oak

Texture: Medium to coarse grain with semi-open pores

Description: Vtec veneer is 100% real wood made from Obeche that is 100% legally harvested with SGS certification. It is engineered through a patented process that allows us to reproduce nature's rich and beautiful grain patterns with uniformity and consistency on a large scale. The result is vast inventories of veneer available with consistent color, grain structure, and pattern that's not available directly from nature. Vtec is also available as FSC certified and CARBll compliant.

Application: Interior millwork, sequenced walls, furniture, doors, and cabinetry.

Great for large hospitality projects where the warmth of wood is desired and consistency is a must.

Size: Made in blocks and sliced into sheets: 25" x 99" and 25" x 122"

Cost: Moderate

Figure: Non Figured but white washed

Cut: Flat Cut (first image) and Quarter Cut (second image)

Vtec Cerused OakVtec Cerused Oak

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