Vecoplan LLC, a manufacturer of industrial shredders and recycling systems, has updated and launched a new version of The new site automatically formats for laptops, tablets and mobile phones.

The site begins by highlighting markets served by Vecoplan including: Plastics, Paper, Wood, Biomass, Waste, Special Apps, and Custom Systems. Enhanced search features throughout the site provide in-depth information but in a concise format.

The site also provides downloadable literature on Vecoplan’s products & services, links to Vecoplan’s YouTube channel, blog & other social media, a virtual sample room containing before and after photos of shred tests on a spectrum of materials, details on how to set-up a test on your specific material, and features a contact link on all pages.

“Having quick links for customers to contact us throughout the site has been key to the redesign of our site.” stated to Kim James – marketing director Vecoplan LLC, “One of our strongest assets is the sheer experience of our people. The website is a valuable tool, but nothing replaces the direct communications between someone that’s looking for a solution and someone who has been there & done that!”

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