Palo Duro Hardwoods president Jeff Fairbanks
Palo Duro Hardwoods president Jeff Fairbanks
DENVER, Colo. (January 19, 2016) – Jeff Fairbanks was named Palo Duro’s new President with the recent acquisition of Palo Duro Hardwoods by Lägler Holdings, the parent company of Eugen Lägler GmbH.
Fairbanks previously held Palo Duro’s Vice President position, and has been with the company since 1998. He has been integral to Palo Duro’s growth, its 20-year partnership with Lägler GmbH as the North American distributor of its sanding machines, and the recent acquisition. 
Additional promotions and hiring are part of the new vision at Palo Duro and its new division, Lägler North America. Tom Ruekert, a sales manager for Palo Duro for several years, has been promoted to Vice President of Sales for Palo Duro. Adam Williams has been added to the staff as the Vice President of Marketing for Palo Duro and Lägler North America. Marc Schulz has accepted a leadership role in Lägler North America, and serves as liaison between Palo Duro and its new sister company, Lägler GmbH. 
“We are excited about the changes taking place at Palo Duro and Lägler, including making the necessary enhancements to our staff,” said Fairbanks. “We’re aligning our talents and technology with a fresh vision for Palo Duro and Lägler’s future. We’re working hand in hand toward serving our customers in innovative, dynamic ways.”
Starting in February, Lägler North America will offer its trademark Premium Sanding Training to complement the program run at Lägler GmbH headquarters in Germany. Schulz will oversee the training program, which gives contractors the opportunity to learn the time-saving, quality-boosting uses of Lägler sanding machines, and apply them in a hands-on training environment.
Palo Duro Hardwoods, founded in 1985, is a wholesale distributor of wood flooring and supplies throughout Colorado and the surrounding Rocky Mountain region, and of Lägler sanding machines throughout North America. Palo Duro is located at 12875 E. 42nd Ave., Ste. 1, in Denver, CO 80239, and can be reached by calling 303-375-0280 or 800-783-3309. More information is available at Lägler parts information and online ordering for North America are available at
Eugen Lägler GmbH, founded in 1956, is marking its 60th year in business this year. The company is credited with developing the first wood flooring belt sander. Under the management of Karleugen Lägler, Lägler is recognized worldwide as a leader in sanding equipment and technology, and has manufactured more than 50,000 Hummels. More information is available at

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