For a country that values the great outdoors, Americans spend a lot of time indoors.

According to the Indoor Air Quality Association, studies have shown that most people spend 90 percent of their time in indoor environments. It’s no wonder that today’s homeowners, architects and companies are increasingly recognizing the health benefits of indoor air quality and showing a preference for products that help clear the air.

In response to this new awareness, building products manufacturers such as Timber Products Company, the leading producer of environmentally friendly hardwood plywood, have developed advanced materials that contribute to healthier indoor surroundings.

“We are part of the indoor air quality solution,” said Timber Products Vice President Roger Rutan. “Driven by consumers and new governmental regulations, distributors and wood workers will need to pay attention to indoor air quality at all times."

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Improving indoor air quality will be a major focus as the housing market returns, said Rutan, mainly because the sustainable building movement has introduced more people to the benefits of living and working in an efficient, healthy space. While most understand that energy efficiency will save money on monthly bills, air quality is the primary aspect of green building that deals with health.

The response from consumers has prompted cabinet companies and architects to take a closer look at indoor air quality and seek out new products that offer solutions. Timber Products has seen a rising interest in its GreenT line of hardwood plywood, a main component used to make kitchen cabinets and architectural millwork. Because it is made with a special resin, GreenT meets or exceeds all emission requirements recently set by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

“Many builders, cabinetmakers and architects are focusing on the green movement to meet a growing demand, so they need products that support that customer need,” said Rutan. “Whatever level of sustainable building someone is trying to achieve, whether it’s air quality or certified materials, GreenT meets the strictest standards.”

Distributors that carry GreenT have an advantage in knowing that every panel in the line contributes to indoor air quality, and meets the California Air Resources Board (CARB) emission requirements and that of the new federal rule set by EPA. GreenT is available with a variety of core options, including MDF, veneer and particleboard. In addition, the line includes a panel with a hardwood face and decorative overlay back, two-sided decorative overlay panels, raw particleboard panels and particleboard door core panels.

“GreenT gives woodworkers flexibility and the assurance of knowing that all materials coming from Timber Products are certified to meet today’s stringent building standards,” said Rutan. “We know indoor air quality will continue to be a huge factor for homes and commercial buildings, so we’re ready to supply wood panels that help make these spaces healthier.”

Learn more about GreenT on the Timber Products Company website.


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