At a recent industry trade show, I was amazed at the stark contrasts between materials. I saw different colors and patterns all working together. Glossy and glass finishes existing in harmony. The point is that today’s design environment is wide open when it comes to colors and patterns. Customers want that unique and varied look, and you’re providing it.

This is where textured melamine panels come in.

Textured panels provide the character and colors that many environments are seeking. The material is only limited by your imagination.  Textured Melamine Fits for Contrasting Styles, Designs

Where are these textures ending up? We’re seeing a dramatic uptick in business and institutional environments incorporating textured melamine for furniture and cabinetry.

This might have to do with the amount of business furniture that is being on-shored back to the U.S. It’s still a small percentage but with more U.S. manufacturers sourcing domestic materials and manufacturing institutional cabinetry on our shores more textured melamine is bound to be utilized.

On the home front, take a walk around any IKEA location and you will also see the prevalence of textured melamine.

The bottom line is that textured melamine is hitting a trend right now. Do you see it?

What do you think? Do you use textured melamine for your projects?

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-Roger Rutan, Vice President, Timber Products Company

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