In the world of Las Vegas hotel casinos, change is constant and no idea is too outrageous. But there’s still room for sophistication, which describes the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino’s Paradise Tower. The 18-story addition opened to rave reviews and contains furniture and cabinetry in its 450 rooms made from Timber Products Company hardwood plywood.

Timber Products’ Spectrum Division supplied the design and manufacturing team with nearly 17,000 cut-to-size pieces of B1 natural maple MDF with an ebony finish. The custom pieces were then assembled into entertainment centers, bedside dressers and closets using a dowel-and-glue process, and shipped to Las Vegas for installation. The pre-assembly process was specified by the project’s operations manager, who hails from Finland and has a European design background.

“Once we were given the specifications from our distributor for all the cabinetry and furniture, we utilized our new components machines to manufacturer exactly what the fabricator needed,” said Patrick Cowan, manager of Timber Products’ Spectrum Division. “Everything was shipped from our facility ready to be assembled and installed. It was efficient and showed our capabilities with components.”

Overall, the project took more than six weeks to complete once the pieces were ordered, and consumed 4,300 Timber Products panels. In addition, Cowan reported that no pieces were rejected based on defects or sizing.Project Profile: Hard Rock Hotel Paradise Tower Hits Jackpot

With a dark finish, the cabinetry resembles a sophisticated, contemporary feel that the hotel was shooting for.

“The goal for the furniture was to look like an arrangement of individual pieces from different places and not a collection,” said Christine Walder with ZeffDesign, the interior design firm on the project. “Different materials combined with odd shapes make it come to life.”

In describing the new project, the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino says the lavish rooms were designed with the property’s signature party attitude in mind but with a jolt of sophistication. The Paradise Tower features a more luxurious atmosphere than the main hotel, with rooms using iconic materials like leather, wood and silver studded velvet to enhance the sensory experience.

“This high-profile hotel is a great example of what cut-to-size can do for companies that are looking to save time, money and streamline any job,” said Timber Products Vice President Roger Rutan. “There was absolutely no wasted material for this project and because the cuts were made exactly to size, there was never a question if the cabinetry would fit once installed.”

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