Is there a Better Way to Finish Panels? Try Prefinishing
May 27, 2015 | 4:17 pm CDT

Applying a finish coat to hardwood plywood can be expensive, time-consuming, and push you up against your allowable emission level. Our customers tell us time and time again that this is especially true for drawer components and cabinet interiors.

Is there a better way? Yes. Consider ordering prefinished panels.

Purchasing prefinished hardwood plywood reduces production times and increases productivity by offering a finished panel that can be used in a wide variety of low-wear applications and non-critical surfaces (cabinet interior, drawers, etc.). Since these prefinished products are ready for processing upon arrival, they give woodworkers the ability to complete a project faster and more efficiently.

Other benefits of ordering prefinished panels include:

  • Efficient way to get a finish on hard-to-finish areas: cabinet interior where it’s easy to get blowback, drips in corners.  Drawers where you have the same issues.
  • Consistent finish with every panel guaranteed:  color, gloss level.
  • Cost effective – cheaper than finishing in-house for those surfaces.  No sanding.  Less labor.
  • Helps meet local air quality standards. You don’t have to finish, so you have no emissions.  Pre-finish panels have no VOC’s (this is important where shops are up against their maximum allowable emissions)

Timber Products Company’s prefinished panels have a strong resistance to scratches and are available in a full range of wood species. They also allow finishing labor to focus on more critical areas of production, which can improve the bottom line when it comes to completing projects.

All of our hardwood plywood is manufactured with sustainable materials, so the pre-finished components rise to the same level of certification. Woodworkers can be assured that our pre-finished panels can help them comply with any green building standards they need to meet. Plus, the UV topcoat gives you a balance of hardness and flexibility that you need for your projects.

What questions do you have about prefinishing?

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