Here’s a common scenario on the shop floor: sometimes you are in need of one or two hardwood plywood panels, or maybe even just one panel with a high-end specialty veneer. What do you do?

In direct response to these types of situations, Timber Products Company has introduced its Architectural Series of hardwood plywood panels that gives you the flexibility you need when controlling your inventory. With the Architectural Series, you can:

  • Order Any Quantity: If you need just one panel, you can order one panel. All core construction options are available. Get the exact number of panels you need for your project.
  • Access Specialized Veneers: Order high-end and exotic hardwood veneers—like Zebrawood, Claro Walnut, English Sycamore, Rosewood and Teak—in the quantities you need.
  • Ship with Regular Orders: You can ship Architectural Series panels along with your regular orders out of any of Timber Products Company’s mills in southern Oregon.
  • Maximize Usage: You get Low or No Shop Orders and full use out of every panel.
  • Quick Turnaround: Once core materials and hardwood veneers are in stock, turnaround can be as short as one week.

Architectural Series hardwood plywood panels are manufactured at Timber Products Company’s Spectrum facility, where other specialty panels are made.  The Spectrum team has spent months perfecting the processes to guarantee customers will get exactly what they ordered, in any quantity.

What questions do you have? Do you ever need to order just one panel for a project?

Contact your Timber Products Company sales representative for more information about Architectural Series hardwood plywood.

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