TEMPLE, Texas - The Wilsonart Virtual Design Library has expanded its Artfully Repurposed Woods Collection, in a way it says tells a story of America’s history, using images of gently weathered wood with intricately crafted designs for 23 new additions to the designs.

Wilsonart, which manufactures decorative engineered surfaces for panel lamination, says it traveled from coast to coast gathering inspiration for the collection. From the pine fields in Pennsylvania to whiskey barrels in Kentucky and the discovery of the modern marquetry movement in California, each design in the collection reflects today’s trends, while offering sustainable solutions.

Marquetry, the art of applying decorative inlays to a structure to create elaborate designs, emphasizes the importance of reusing and recycling materials. The clean, geometric lines of these designs contrast with the warm, weathered woodgrains for a collection that adds a touch of modern comfort.

“Because of the history of the craft, marquetry designs can easily fit in a traditional space full of antiques or in a more contemporary setting,” said Andrea Flint, Wilsonart Designer. “Modern marquetry and beautifully aged woodgrains add something unexpected to a space, and there is a real demand for that in the market.”

Modern Marquetry

The resurgence of craft in design has brought life to a beautifully skilled art - the art of marquetry. These four (4) large-scale patterns celebrate the traditional inlay techniques with a contemporary slant. Clean geometric lines replace the traditional intricate patterns.

  •  Newport Marquetry (Y0474K-07). A modern look with different species of wood in alternating colors playfully placed in a geometric layout.
  • Timber Marquetry (Y0477-60). An updated large-scale marquetry pattern in a warm fawn color with black graining running throughout.
  •  Jute Marquetry (Y0479-60). A modern marquetry in a large-scale geometric pattern in taupe with black graining throughout.
  •  Eclipse Marquetry (Y0482-60). A large-scale modern marquetry design with shades of grey and charcoal and black veining.

Ribboned Woodgrains

These small-scale, uniformly small planked ribboned woodgrains are a subtle counterpart to their large-scale marquetry relative, offering a uniquely trendy and understated design. Together, the marquetry and moxie designs can be used to create contemporary looks in beautiful wood colors.

  • Jute Moxie (Y0481-60). A small-scale planked wood reminiscent of ribbon with thin black graining found throughout the taupe planks.
  • Timber Moxie (Y0478-60). A mini-planked design with a warm fawn color and organic black ribboning flowing throughout.
  •  Eclipse Moxie (Y0482-60). A small-scale planked wood pattern in shades of grey and charcoal with ribbon-like veining.

Weathered Woodgrains

The beauty and warmth of woodgrains, and the comfort of a worn-in style, expand classic interpretations of wood, for a modern feel.

  •     Remade Oak Planked (Y0362K-12). A weather-beaten wood resembling a piece taken from a rustic building.
  •     Remade Oak (Y0363K-12). A weathered barn wood, sun-faded and warm.
  •     Repurposed Oak Planked (Y0364K-12). An oak barn wood that is planked with light and dark naturally occurring color variations.
  •     Repurposed Oak (Y0365K-12). A sun-kissed barn wood with a warm patina and a modern rustic look.
  •     Thomas Hickory (Y0459K-12). A medium-toned brown planked hickory with partial cathedrals.
  •     Monarch Planked Alona (Y0462K-12). An oak resemblance with strong cathedrals in a honey-colored sliced grain.
  •     Pepper Planked Alona (Y0463K-12). An open-grained, plain sliced oak look with strong cathedrals in a medium grey color.
  •     Amber Planked Alona (Y0464K-12). An oak look with a warm amber color on a plain sliced open grain with strong cathedrals.
  •     Planked California Walnut (Y0465K-12). A sophisticated planked walnut in deep brown and chocolate.
  •     Planked Texas Walnut (Y0466K-12). A red, brown and charcoal design with full cathedrals and light to dark variations.
  •     Whiskey Barrel (Y0467K-12). Soft distressing and faded markings are found throughout the pattern giving it a sophisticated industrial look in warm mid-tone browns.
  •     Antique Barrel (Y0468K-12). The distressed markings and fawn color elevates this design to a refined industrial look.
  •     Antiqued Lime Pine (Y0469K-28). A white-washed wood of varying sized planks with warm white and browns mixed with cool grey and charcoal.
  •     Salem Planked Chestnut (Y0471K-12). A time-worn planked wood with nail and worm hole characteristics in a deep rich brown with black graining.
  •     Salem Chestnut (Y0472K-12). An aged wood with rich red-brown and black graining with full cathedrals.
  •     Lost Pine (Y0473K-16). A heavily distressed wood with warm and cool grey and taupe tones.

Its outward beauty is not the only area where this collection shines. As a prerequisite for all Wilsonart Laminate, this sustainably mindful collection follows the stringent third-party credentials for UL Greenguad indoor air quality.

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