TABASCO, Mexico - Proteak, the largest Mexican forestry company, has begun production of medium density fiberboard (MDF) in its new plant located in Tabasco.

Operating under the brand TecnoTabla, it marks the beginning of the largest industrial forestry project in México, the company says.

“We are happy to begin production, taking on the challenge of becoming one of the leading wood processing companies in México," says Omar Nacif, General Director of the Proteak board. "This new phase of the company TecnoTabla will be well positioned to provide products of the highest quality, manufactured in Mexico, that exceed all industry standards, and meet national and international market demands.”

Production of medium density fiberboard composite panel at the plantbegins by breaking down wood fiber, then combining it with a resin binder, and applying high temperature and pressure. Proteak says its output has a smooth, flawless surface and will be widely accepted in the construction and furniture markets for its strength and easy processing.

The MDF TecnoTabla plant has a production capacity of 158 million square feet. Proteak says its MDF is 100 percent sustainable, its certified wood supplied from its own eucalyptus plantations. The plant is equipped with the latest Dieffenbacher German technology, which includes the efficient cogeneration of energy from natural gas and biomass, ensuring the best quality and sustainability of panels.

TecnoTabla produces premium MDF due in part to carefully selected and planted eucalyptus trees, allowing for the raw wood furnish to be of the highest quality required to manufacture panels in terms of consistency, strength, and durability. TecnoTabla panels will be manufactured with wood certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), which sets global standards for sustainability, the environment, contribution to local economies, and social consciousness. In keeping with this, Proteak is both diversifying its business, promoting investment in Mexico, and will drive economic development in the state of Tabasco.

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