PARIS, FRANCE  --  Rougier had revenues of € 37.2 million in the first quarter 2012, up 7.7% in Q1 2011.

Rougier Africa International: maintaining the momentum of sales

Branch Rougier Africa International posted a quarterly revenue of € 28.3 million, an increase of 12.6% in Q1 2011. Over the period, industrial activity and trade in Cameroon has benefited from improved land logistics and port but suffered a difficult environment in Gabon because of disruptions related to the Cup African Nations in January and the collapse of a bridge on the main road in in March. The increase in sales in a context of price stability is due to sale to both the good level of marketing logs but also the increase in transformation in the products sold.

Import and Distribution France: important first quarter

The importation and distribution branch in France achieved a turnover of Quarterly € 10.1 million. The activity was down 12.6% in an economy fueled by the French presidential election  and weather in February, which included the start of the offset season of landscaping products. However, sales remain higher 4% to the quarterly average of 2011, and are favored by constantly adjusting product lines and Rougier Sylvaco panels.

Log sales were up 42.9% over first quarter 2011, and represent 29.9% of consolidated revenue at March 31, 2012. Without questioning the Rougier strategy, this growth reflects the high level of shipments of logs from Cameroon and Congo, and Gabon in the development of local sales to industrial transformers.

Representing 48.3% of consolidated sales, sales of lumber were down 4.6% over the previous year in light of a significant base effect (the first quarter 2011 was up 29.6%) and low levels of enplanements in Gabon.

Sales of plywood (21.8% of consolidated revenues), mainly made in European countries, were up 1.9% in Q1 2011. Rougier is continuing its strategy of geographic diversification of markets conducted for several years. It results in the first quarter of 2012 maintaining a strong momentum of trade with Asia, increased sales of logs, and commodities transformation.

Commercial activity is also encouraged, in products second and third transformation, the development of Cluster Approval in support of the penetration of European and American markets.


Rougier strategy, based on the valuation of forest concessions and certification Forest Stewardship, is given in 2012, by a capital expenditure program, importance for development of industrial competitiveness and value added in the products markets.

Rougier has strong potential to develop its activities in natural forests or plantation forests, and strengthen its position as a major player in the timber industry in Africa. For more information visit the Rougier website, Rougier.FR.

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