SEATTLE – New Zealand exported more than 20 percent of the world’s softwood logs in 2013, making it the global leader, reports Wood Resource Quarterly. Russia and the United Sates ranked second and third, respectively as global log suppliers. Both countries shipped approximately 15 percent of the softwood logs traded globally last year.

New Zealand Leads As World’s Largest Exporter of Softwood LogsDuring the past five year, New Zealand has seen the value of its timber trade triple. The average value of exported logs hit a new record high in March 2014, which was twice the value of four years ago. The volume of logs exported also increased substantially during the past five years, with nearly double the amount of exports to more than 16 million cubic meters.

Last year, New Zealand exported 57 percent of its timber harvest. The majority of exports were sent to China followed by South Korea, India and Japan.

Still New Zealand’s domestic log consumption has remained stable during the past decade. Last year, the forest industry used slightly fewer logs than the 10-year annual average consumption


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