For Lincoln, Unique Wood Trims Spell Luxury
August 18, 2013 | 11:36 pm CDT
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Family Name:
Cordia dodecandra of the Family Boraginaceae

Common Names
ziricote, siricote, ciricote.

Ziricote’s height ranges from 30 to 65 feet with 2- to 3-foot diameters. Its weight averages 50 pounds, with a specific gravity of 0.85 to 0.97. It has a Janka Hardness rating of 1,970. to 2,200 pounds.

• The wood is said to machine well with both hand and machine tools. It also planes well and yields an intense luster.
• Ziricote can dry well, but there is a tendency for the ends to split. Experts recommend care in drying and a kiln schedule of T6-D2 for 4/4 stock; T3-D1 for 8/4 stock.
• The wood glues well and joints with screws and nails are considered durable. The fine dust created may be an irritant and can cause skin reactions.
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Lincoln automotive Argento engineered wood interior
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Lincoln automotive Zircote interior

PEBBLE BEACH, CA - Ziricote, a wood used in yacht building, starred in Lincoln Motors' preview of its newest Black Label auto design and interior package at Pebble Beach last week. Due out in 2014, the Black Label lines will include unique wood interior touches.

Shown on an MKZ and the MKC Concept vehicle, Lincoln says its Black Label eventually will be available on every new Lincoln vehicle, in an effort to distinguish itself from other luxury brands.

"The progressive luxury client craves to know the story behind the products and services they engage – they want to feel that personal connection," says Jim Farley, executive vice president of Global Marketing, Sales and Service at Lincoln. "That's at the heart of Black Label; we want to provide special experiences for every Black Label client." 

Limited-edition design themes, ultra-premium materials, meticulous execution and elevated client service form the approach to the Lincoln Black Label. The materials for each interior are selected to create a warm and sophisticated package that also tells a story, say Lincoln designers.

"Each of the theme-based offerings from Black Label is designed with a specific customer profile in mind," said Susan Lampinen, group chief designer, Color and Material Design. 

Lincoln Black Label themes include Indulgence - Ganache- and Truffle-colored Venetian leather combined with Ziricote wood trim in natural grain and color inherent in the wood with no added dyes or stains. This wood - new to the automotive industry, says Lincoln - is often used in high-end yachts. It was featured in Wood Products Wood of the Month.

Modern Heritage, designed for the client who appreciates a clean, modern aesthetic, uses a "renewed and engineered" Argento wood trim - imbued with metal flakes between its layers.

A third model, Center Stage, features a Jet Black interior highlighted by a Foxfire Red headliner in Alcantara suede.

Lincoln says its use of natural woods - sought out globally and selected for maximum richness of color and grain for the instrument panel, door appliques and steering wheel bezel, complement the design themes. The Ziricote wood used with the Lincoln Indulgence interior was selected because its natural beauty resonates without stains or dyes.

Lincoln Black Label is intended to launch near the end of 2014.

"Lincoln Black Label will offer an experience for our clients that will engage them, not overwhelm them," said Farley. "Lincoln Black Label is another important step in our brand's reinvention to appeal to a whole new group of progressive luxury clients."

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