Shade-grown Cocobolo: Cage-free, Organic, Gold-plated Wearables
April 3, 2015 | 11:39 am CDT

Woodcraft copywriters scored a great one with organically grown, cage-free Cocobolo wearables for an April Fool's day spoof this week. The leather band watch-like swatches of wood look for all the world like wristwatches, or fitness trackers. 

Shade-grown Cocobolo: Cage-free, Organic, Gold-plated Wearables Everything about this fake ad was well-tuned to contemporary online appeal: it is search-engine optimized, built with all the trappings of what is called "click bait" among the field of page-view seekers - "Our Most Important Product Ever" and it is quite witty - Onion-level humor. Clearly the catalogers at Woodcraft, who have honed their wordsmithing to a precision finer than newly-sharpened chisel, are good at their craft.

As it reads:

The latest in wearable tech. No Screen. No clock. No fitness tracker.

Wood: This exquisitely crafted wearable is made from 100% orgaonic, non-GMO, hormone-free, cage-free cocobolo. It's Bluetooth incompatible and stores up to none of your favoite songs. Starting at $350. 

But wait: there's the proverbial "More!"

Wood Gold Edition: Make a statement with the limited 18-karat Gold Edition. This is the only wearable that features genuin 18-karat gold-plated wood.

Because it is so convincingly serious, it could almost be overlooked. Posted on Woodcraft's Facebook page, it earned plenty of shares and nice comments. Following best practices, it's not findable at Woodcraft's actual website, though real cocobolo offerings are available, of course. So we wanted to share it with you here. 

It deserves a look and a laugh if you missed it. 

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