Contestoga Wood Specialtis has rolled out new branding. It includes a logo and tagline that embody Conestoga’s core values as well as exhibit new advances. Conestoga says this transition is a key part of a series of initiatives taken to position the company for meeting future market needs.

The new logo represents three distinct elements:

  •     The first showing the progression of the company and the evolution of the materials.
  •     The merging of old and new is shown in the two pieces of framing, one made from traditional wood, the other a composite.
  •     The center panel represents the current and future material alternatives.

    These three individual components join together to symbolize the strength of its foundation, its focus on the future and the willingness to embrace new advancements.

In addition to the logo, Conestoga has also launched a new tag line, Absolute Dependability.

“This tagline was developed to reinforce the vision of the founders and reflect the level of performance Conestoga strives to achieve every day,” said Anthony Hahn, Conestoga CEO. “It conveys the company’s promise and personality, absolute dependability in all product quality, on-time deliveries, dependable designs, customer counsel, company ethics and strong relationships.”
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