The Woodworking Exchange e-commerce site is now live. Located at the Red Book section of Woodworking Network, the Woodworking Exchange is a place for woodworkers to buy overstock or inventory parts, components, hardware and other wood products.
Wood component manufacturers are beginning to use the website to present overstock and excess inventory for sale, with links to their own online storefronts. Sales, payment and fulfillment are handled directly between the wood component manufacturer and buyers.
As the Woodworking Exchange expands, storefronts for parts, hardware and other wood products are expected appear at the sales site.
The new Woodworking Exchange leverages the high traffic of the, an online product and supplier directory – and the strength of Woodworking Network’s heavy visitor traffic.
Vendors at Woodworking Exchange manage their own product listings, keeping items on sale up-to-date with current inventory.
For more information about Woodworking Exchange contact Laurel Didier at 847-334-3038

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