As clean lines of European cabinetry door styling take hold, designers are looking for compatible drawer systems – lest drawer boxes clash with the rest of the room.

Blum was well prepared for this design trend, having introduced its Legrabox full extension box system last spring in Cologne, Germany, at Interzum 2013. Its straight lines define Legrabox, earning it a Best of Interzum award and, in another version, it won a Red Dot Design Award, one of the top consumer and industrial design trophies. Blum also submitted Legrabox for a 2014 Challengers Award at the International Woodworking Fair 2014 where it will make another appearance in August.

Blum, Inc. is well known for its functional hardware for the kitchen cabinet and commercial casework industries. Specializing in concealed hinges, lift systems and drawer runner systems, Blum also manufactures many inventive solutions for organizing the contents of drawers and cabinetry.

3-D Adjustment

Legrabox offers very slim drawer profile thickness, only one-half inch (12.8 mm) – straight on the inside and the outside to maximize the usable interior space of the drawer. Available in a brushed stainless steel or a gray matte finish, Legrabox offers three drawer side heights for standard drawers and two drawer side heights for interior roll-out drawers.

Legrabox fits as well in bath, or furniture applications. It can be precisely adjusted for aligning drawer fronts. Legrabox has 3D height, side and tilt adjustment. It ensures a precise gap layout both in drawers and in high fronted pull-outs.

To install, Legrabox is placed at the drawer front in its holding position, and it clips into place. The front can be assembled even when the pull-out has been inserted.

For removal, the holding position allows wide fronts to be removed by just one person.

Legrabox features a new innovative, runner system employing synchronized drawer profiles for greater running action and performance even under heavy loads. This enhanced runner system combines low opening forces with soft-close Blumotion. A cut-away video online with this article shows it working.

Blum also offers the compatible Ambia- Line, an interior drawer organization system, specifically designed for Legrabox. Ambia-Line is the inner dividing system that has been specially designed to go with Legrabox. There are two program lines. The first consists of epoxy coated steel frames in various colors so that drawers and interiors merge into one. The second is a combination of steel and selected wood decors, allowing users to set accents in furniture interiors. Details such as a magnet for attachment to the back of pull-outs or to the sides of other frames make handling simple and intuitive

Legrabox comes in aluminium, stainless steel and matte coatings in various colors. Individualized branding of the drawer side is also available, offered in either a reserved format, or bold. Blum’s newly developed runner system features a synchronized feather-light glide for an even smoother running action, and dynamic load bearing capacities of 88 and 154 pounds. The tried and tested soft-close Blumotion ensures Legrabox closes softly and effortlessly. Blum’s existing Servo-Drive and Tip-On opening systems are also compatible with Legrabox.

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