Adhesives: 10 facts to know
April 16, 2020 | 9:31 am CDT

-- Glue the same day the surface was machined for best results, no more than 24 hours ahead of gluing.

-- Glazed or burnished wood surfaces are not suited for adhesive joining, even if otherwise perfectly flat and smooth.

-- There is no all-purpose adhesive. All adhesives have a range of intended uses, and commercially produced adhesives have a well-defined range of capabilities.

-- Adhesives are not necessarily fillers. Not all adhesives are gap fillers. Adhesives will not overcome poor joint preparation.

-- Moisture content of the substrates is a primary concern, especially when using water based adhesives.

-- Adding any solvent to any adhesive should not be considered.

-- Clamping pressure is intended only to provide an even glue film, not reshape the assembly. The use of larger or stronger clamps is not an acceptable correction for mis-mated surfaces.

-- Dull tools do not prepare an ideal surface for the use of adhesives.

--Machining the mating surfaces for flatness, squareness and surface quality in glue joint construction is important.


List developed from FDMC articles and Franklin International.

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