Wood working equipment opportunity
October 28, 2022 | 12:18 am CDT
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Dust collector
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Grizzly stroke sander

Hi My name is Robert Acton Jr and is currently in the process of liquidating some wood working equipment such as a Grizzly stroke Sander
Grizzly G5394 - 6" x 186" in excellent condition also a GS Compressor 15HP in good condition also have a Grizzly drum sander Grizzly G0449 - 37" 10 HP good condition and a industrial dust collector with a Cincinnati 10 HP motor and pulsing system excellent condition. But I'm trying to get what is fair for what they are but one of those equipment liquidator companies offered me a joke of a amount for the dust collector and compressor. Maybe you know someone in the wood working industry that would be interested in buying one of my equipment. Or maybe you can point me in a better direction. Any help would be highly appreciated and grateful.

Sincerely Robert Acton Jr