The Scoop on RFID TechnologyWood product manufacturers often struggle with tracking components and orders through their production facilities, and throughout the warehousing and shipping process. RFID (radio frequency identification) can help eliminate many of the headaches involved.

How does RFID locate components and streamline the manufacturing process?

Simply put, RFID will help you track your wood components through manufacturing and shipping. RFID tags can be embedded in a wood component, therefore sanding, staining and finishing the components will not have an effect on the tags. RFID tags can also be read at a distance, which means that the components do not need line-of-site to be identified. If a component is diverted for repair or re-work, the RFID readers will read the tag information as it is diverted and send out an alert to the manufacturing software that the particular part has been diverted. If a component is scrapped, an alert will be sent out that the component was scrapped and it will automatically create a new work order to replace the scrapped part.

How can RFID help with warehousing and shipping my finished product?

RFID is used in warehousing and shipping in a variety of industries. In the warehouse, RFID makes physical inventory easier; reducing inventory time/costs and supporting FIFO control. RFID does not require direct line-of-sight and multiple tags can be read at once. Both of these benefi ts make taking inventory easier and more efficient. Finished goods tagged with RFID in the warehouse and shipping areas also allows for hands free product tracking and assists with product location, routing and order fulfillment. RFID deployed at the dock door ensures the correct orders are sequentially placed on the correct truck - making delivery quick, accurate and efficient.

What benefits does RFID have over barcode?

The most important benefit of RFID over barcode is that RFID has the ability to simultaneously read multiple items without the need for operator orientation or presentation. Another benefit of RFID is that information can be written and even updated on the tag, giving your product the ability to identify itself during critical operations, such as finishing.

What is the average ROI for deploying RFID in wood product manufacturing?

Most wood product manufacturers see their ROI in 8 – 20 months (depending on which RFID solution is deployed).


Source: Northern Apex Corp. For information call (260) 637-2739 or visit NorthernApex.com