Software is integral to every phase of woodworking, from design through manufacturing. Below are some of the products available in the market. For more, visit the product directory at

Cabinet Vision’s Vortek Experience is a 3D virtual reality showroom, enabling cabinetmakers to present an unlimited number of kitchen models, styles and mix of materials in a 1:1 perspective environment to clients — including textures and finishes, walls and floors — by using a few simple hand gestures. Vortek also can include a browser/web component, and an accompanying iPad application also allows for visualization on site. (800) 280-6932,

KCD’s new Touch software for cabinet and closet makers features a designer interface with 3D imaging of the finished look. Users can add data directly into the Designer interface, including room and wall measurements, wall photos, cabinet and closet size, shape and style, moulding, countertops and edging details. The KCD Touch Pricer lets users cost out materials and labor and offers the flexibility to make changes subbing materials. The program also allows clients to sign contracts using a stylus or run a credit card deposit. (508) 760-1140,

Microvellum previewed its new Blender-based interior design software, Fluid Designer, and the new Oculus Rift DK2 Virtual Reality headset at IWF 2014. Fluid Designer enables users to design kitchens, closets, bathrooms, office spaces, etc., and includes the tools for the seamless exchange of data with co-workers, clients and manufacturers. The 3D presentations allow for pre-defined and on the fly changes. The Oculus set enables users to experience the design in full 360 degree reality. (800) 204-0913,

2020 offers a panoramic 360 capability in 2020 Design which allows professional designers to provide clients with an immersive 3D experience that makes them feel like they are right inside the design—while sitting at home! With the world’s largest collection of manufacturers’ catalogs available and end-to-end solutions, 2020 helps professional designers, retailers and manufacturers in the interior design and furniture industries be more efficient, integrated and productive. (888) 216-1844,

ArtCAM by Delcam has three CAD/CAM software packages for the woodworking industry, including CNC routers and vertical machines, 3D printers, engravers and lasers. The entry-level version, ArtCAM Express, is for users new to CNC machining. ArtCAM Insignia is an introductory 3D modeling package and ArtCAM Pro is for the user looking for more complex 2D and 3D design and manufacturing capabilities. The software allows users to: improve and fix their vector artwork, machine flute and weave designs, distort artwork in real time, make bridges easily, and offset vectors interactively. (877) 335-2261,

Mastercam Router for 3D machining provides a variety of techniques to rough machine parts. The company says users can rough cut multiple surfaces, solid models, STL files, or any combination of them. The software also automates leftover material identification and removal, providing for finer finishes. Mastercam says its software is also ideal for 2D machining, contouring, drilling and pocketing, with features including tab control, standard and advanced nesting, including TrueShape nesting, as well as engraving with a hand-carved effect. (800) 228-2877,

Roger Shaw & Associates offers woodCAD/CAM 3D manufacturing software. An AutoCAD-based technology, woodCAD/CAM can create photo-realistic renderings, including textures, lights and additional special rendering effects, based on submitted designs. Dimensions can be changed with the touch of a button, with detailed machining data generated. Cutlists, price lists and related production reports can be generated quickly and easily, the company says. (866) 930-0772,

SAI/Enroute’s new Version 5 software features: Object Distortion and Relief Tools; an expanded Advanced Nesting Suite including Advanced True Shape and Block Nesting, Nest-Around-Obstructions and Common Line Cutting; a new 3D Engrave Suite with Rapid Texture, Rapid Picture, Contour Distortion and Prismatic Lettering; and Remnant Creation. The company says the tools also provide three methods of adding 3D surfacing/texturing for added design possibilities. (800) 229-9068,

Vectric’s Aspire is a design and machine software for 2D and 3D parts. With the same functionality as the company’s VCarve Pro program, including a full range of 2D drawing and editing tools, Aspire also provides the tools to turn 2D data into 3D reliefs, creating parts from scratch or from imported data. Vectric also offers Vector Art 3D, a library of CNC-ready dimensional clip art.

Mozaik has added a ready-to-machine Closet System to its software portfolio, enabling users to quickly lay out and design virtually any closet configuration using the built-in Mozaik Closet Library. Advanced functionality has been added to expand and enhance the library or create a user’s own, adds Mozaik. Users can create: frameless and face-frame cabinets, custom closets, shop drawings, presentation renderings, cutlists, part and product labels, as well as code for CNC doors and drawers, nesting, etc. (760) 585-9550,

AlphaCAM 2014 R2 developments include the ability to optimize 5-axis toolpaths to a specific machine configuration. The operation is analyzed against the user settings, and where required the toolpath will be automatically split into separate sections, with options to maintain Feed Down and Lead In/Out settings on the modified toolpaths. The Part Modeler also has been enhanced to convert DXF and DWG 2D drawings into 3D models automatically. (800) 461-2015,

ITW Building Components offers the VisionREZ for Revit 2015 Architectural Plug-In. Features include a User Definable Content Ribbon Insertion Tool, Automated Residential Roof Solver, Editor and Roof Trim Insertion Tools. An enhanced version of CG Visions’ QuickStart Residential Builders Startup Kit is included with the release. All VisionREZ products are part of ITW Instinct, a residential-specific 3D Building Information Modeling (BIM) process. (800) 755-6005,

Eurosoft says Framework is a quick and simple parametric product library construction software. After starting a project, the user adds a room and then the products: cabinets, closets or assemblies. Customizable dialogs prompt for dimensions, materials, etc. The completed order includes cutlists and reports, and links to optimizing and CAM software. (919) 468-3003,

Cim-Tech offers Solid-CIM 3D for programming or nesting 3D solid parts and assemblies from AutoCAD, Autodesk Inventor and many other solid modeling products. The company says Automatic Feature Recognition (AFR) works directly on 3D solids and 3D solid assemblies to lay parts flat and identify machine operations. With one click, CIM-Tech adds, nested programs for any CNC machine are created with a cut list of all the parts, materials and quantities. (877) 549-8211,

skooter offers data management systems for build-to-order manufacturers. The company says its skooterFlow platform creates a single reusable data schema that incorporates design, quote, order, engineering and production management. Work and order flow exist in an integrated system that eliminates data replication, reduces errors, and decreases the time a product takes to get to market. (404) 522-0225,

ST-Mate says its job estimating software saves users up to 20 percent in time estimating. With ST-Mate, users get a Standard Estimating Sheet, which covers all the estimating tasks for a user and offers a pivot point for running an office and shop with the ability to get exact costs, hours, weeks, and to schedule blocks of time. Users can build a schedule board for all to see by job, department and person. ST-Mate also offers a way to figure overhead, while a third sheet is the Proposal Tracking Sheet, designed to keep everyone up to date. (708) 932-1220,

Building Blok’s cloud-based construction management platform features invitations-to-bid, file manager, daily reports, financial management and more. Users manage budgets online, and the system tracks and automatically administers, the approval process for change orders, pay applications and invoices. The latest release offers optional archival storage for a project’s electronic records or completed projects. (800) 708-2565,

TradeSoft’s ShopPAK works in concert with ProjectPAK estimating, automating functions such as job costing, scheduling, material management, project management, purchasing, receiving, shipping, and billing. Included is “on demand” material label printing, the ability to browse a purchase order that another user is editing, improved material usage and status reporting, and linkage between ProjectPAK library and ShopPAK material management functions. (800) 289-6326,

Seradex’s Visual Configurator takes the “Make to Order” product configurator and, using a real time imaging tool, provides a 3D rendering. The Visual Configurator works with the Product Configurator module, which streamlines the order fulfillment process for furniture and casegoods, ensuring accurate quotes, prices and discounts, delivery dates, bills of materials and routings, inventory shortage visibility and finished product costs. (855) 864-3411,

AikenControls’ nDepth provides advanced 3D color and depth measurement for detecting wane, holes and other defects. The system features a high resolution SOC imager with active infrared technology, a full embedded image processing system and industrial communications framework. The product won a 2014 Challengers Award. (877) 245-4040,

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