8 Reasons to Use Tablets for Cabinet and Closet Sales
March 27, 2014 | 11:58 am CDT

New technology is always changing what’s possible – making it easier and faster to accomplish things. But let’s face it, when it comes to the tools we like, we’ve gotta love them before we buy them. Here are eight good reasons why using a tablet (and the right software) for mobile design can increase your sales significantly while creating a much better work flow.

1 The tablet - it’s not just for little “apps” anymore. New tablet technology (Windows 8) lets you run your powerful custom cabinet/closet design, price (and build) software right at the job site, offering thousands of custom options right there on the spot. And while any program will sort of run on a touchscreen, software like KCD Touch has been completely re-engineered for the touchscreen to accommodate big fingers and ease of use.

2 Designed for mobile use: Go ahead: walk and draw. The tablet is convenient and easy to design with using your finger or stylus – while you’re walking around.

3 Versatility: Collaborate and impress. Floor layouts, el-evations, realistic 3D and easy changes makes designing with your clients more simple and less onerous.

4 Speed & ease: One meeting. Done. Almost there? Go ahead and price it. Too much? Change the materials. Show it in 3D. Re-price the job. It’s fast and easy.

5 Organization: “Photos, sketches and notes, oh my!” Us-ing the tablet, you can take pictures of the walls, outlets – anything unusual – then hand-write notes directly on them using your stylus. Since everything gets saved with the job, it’s a great organizational tool for production and future remodels too.

6 Sign off and payments: Better than a handshake. Tablet technology allows your client to e-sign your price proposal and initial designs using the stylus. You can also swipe a credit card for a deposit.

7 The Cloud: Like magic. Save your job file to the Cloud, and your design file, pricing contract, photos and notes are all instantly (and securely) accessible by your shop, manufac-turer or production team, wherever they are.

8 Design to CNC power: Some tablet software is fully integrated with production software to go directly to tradi-tional building (cut listing) or CNC manufacturing on a full range of machinery.

Source: KCD Software. For more information call KCD at (508) 760-1140, or visit KCDsoftware.com.


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