Business in the closet segment is growing with as much as 30% growth in 2013. Approximately 30% growth is projected for 2014 as well. Driving that is the merging of technology, home storage and organization opportunities. Many firms are combining scenarios for the kitchen, office and garage for total home organization.

“Higher end” products are seeing strong sales increases. Some panel companies note that although white melamine sales have decreased, textured melamine sales have increased dramatically.

In the product evolution, you can see how the look and feel of melamine has grown from a predominantly fine grain finish to softext and now open grain and linen finishes. Plus, rustic looks are seeing the highest levels of growth.

Other trends include: bright colors and high gloss panels, LED lighting, lighter weight closet baskets, mirrors and sliding doors.


Universal Design has seen a rebirth in recent years. “And now the educational and marketing efforts are different,” says Rhonda Knoche, CMKBD, CAPS (certified aging in place specialist) and president of Rhonda Knoche Design.

Here are a few insights from Knoche to help sell to clients over 30 years old.

Approximately 30% growth is expected for the 2014 closet and home storage industry.

Counter Surface Materials: “You need to be aware that some materials actually have a “sheen” or “reflection” factor. So if you’re using granite in the kitchen and people need to read recipes (or their Facebook feed), they will have a tougher time if the mate-rial is polished. Polished materi-als bounce and have a glare, so be aware of that as you consider which materials to select,” said Knoche. “You should also have this same awareness with flooring materials.”

Preferable Lighting Options: LED lighting: It casts a better, purer cast of light. You’ll get a better kelvin read with lower wattage. And just what is a kelvin read? Think color. And in the case of closets, the true color of your clothing, Knoche explains.

Another benefit of LED lighting is that it lasts a really long time, so you’re not climbing on a ladder as often to change a bulb.

Task lighting: Because people don’t often know how to address this in the best light, they “throw a large quantity of light at it so you feel like a french fry at McDonald’s,” Knoche said. And the lighting is often not placed properly. You need to bring task light-ing directly to the task. Knoche suggested bringing the under cabinet lighting towards the front of the upper cabinets so you’re casting light directly to the task and it lands in the middle of your 24-inch base depth.

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