Sliding Doors Open Up New Opportunities for Cabinets & FurnitureHinges may have met their match. Today, sliding doors for cabinets, closets, furniture and entire rooms are growing in popularity with designers, architects and homeowners. More and more, they’re seen as a handsome addition to any interior, with space-saving features and many practical advantages.

A New and Unexplored Option: For many builders, using tracks, wheels and rollers to open doors is still a new and unexplored approach. But consumers clearly like the idea of doors that keep a low profile. Baby Boomers have embraced the idea of “aging in place,” a concept that lets seniors live in their own home for as long as possible. Sliding doors keep high traffic areas unobstructed — a helpful feature for older residents dealing with walkers and wheelchairs.

Kitchen Cabinets: In the kitchen, sliding cabinet doors are part of a growing trend for both new construction and remodeling. Younger homeowners in particular are showing a preference for cabinets with design elements like LED lighting and floating shelves behind sliding panels of wood or translucent glass.

The latest generation of sliding door hardware for cabinets assures silent operation and a concealed appearance. Since doors slide over or under each other, they can remain open without blocking traffic or posing a safety hazard.

Full Height Sliding Doors: Sliding systems are available that offer sophisticated fittings for kitchen, bath, dining, office and hallways doors. They support both single and double sliding door configurations in a wide range of materials, weights and sizes.

Coplanar Cabinet Doors: Coplanar sliding systems allow doors to be flush when closed. This is an ideal hardware solution for high-end sideboards, credenzas or wall units, and can be effectively used in kitchens as well as other rooms in the home.

Top-running coplanar fittings are recommended for wall units in modern, design-oriented kitchens that call for a concealed sliding system that mounts on the cabinet. Bottom-running fittings are suggested for sideboards in living and office areas, with sliding components discreetly concealed beneath the cabinet.

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