Listed below are three common mistakes woodworkers make that affect the edgebanding process.

1. Not turning the heat off if the glue pot is not in use for 30 minutes or more.

Like with a coffee pot, if you leave it on overnight, the water evaporates and cooks the coffee residue on the bottom of the pot.

2. Shoe location not adjusted properly.

The panels should NOT TOUCH the glue roller, yet be close enough to get complete glue coverage. This is about 1-2 thicknesses of paper away from the roller. If the shoe is not adjusted properly, the panels can wear a groove in the roller within six months.

The 3 Most Common Edgebander Mistakes3. Neglecting to perform routine maintenance on the machine and parts.

Extend the life and maintain profitable performance by periodically cleaning out the glue pot and gently scraping the residue, keeping lubricated as recommended. If not lubricated properly, the bearing can seize and wear grooves in the hub.

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