Corten Steel Effect Finish - WMS 2013 Booth #5508

ICA North America introduces its Urban Matter range composed of high-impact, material-like effects producing a style that is contemporary, refined, realistic, and imperfect, says the company, due to the unevenness of the coated surface. The Corten Effect, one of the Urban Matter offerings, features an uneven surface characterized by light and dark nuances that reproduce the deep coloration of natural Corten steel. The effect is produced through a coating cycle, says ICA, on MDF panels.  The coating cycle combines matt black base coat with water-based aging agents, flower yellow and oxide red, with the color movement generated by a jet of compressed air on the coated surface. Creation of the effects is adjusted by the variables of the compressed-air jet and the color tone of the polyurethane matt base and of the aging agents, adds ICA.  Features include excellent resistance to light and stability of the effect. The Cement Effect is another Urban Matter option, offering an industrial look and powdery colors.

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