The BESSEY Rapid Action Clamp offers an interesting combination of features and benefits in a single clamp. Very quick set-up times, parallel “no-twist” clamping (prevents parts from shifting), robust contact surfaces and a heavy duty rail combine to produce an offering that allows for speed and strength.

The BESSEY Rapid Action Clamp has a unique internal mechanism that allows the clamping bolt to move twice as far per handle turn as compared to a normal ACME threaded spindle. Additionally, the clamping contact surface mechanism does not rotate during the tightening process. When there is a concern that the twisting motion may leave a mark on wood or metal surfaces during tightening then, this clamp may offer an ideal solution.

While the BESSEY Rapid Action Clamp has some unique clamping advantages due to its tightening mechanism, it is also a very robust clamp. In recognition of this clamp’s higher clamping force, BESSEY has incorporated an anti-slip mechanism into the unit. Embedded in the malleable cast sliding arm is a hardened set screw that meshes with the serrations on the German produced flat rail. The practical result of which is --- the tighter you turn the handle, the tighter the clamp will hold.

Available versions include a 4.0 IN throat depth with 1320 lbs of nominal clamping force and 12, 24 & 36 IN clamping capacities and… a 6.0 IN throat depth with 1620 lbs of nominal clamping force and 12, 24 & 36 IN clamping capacities.

BESSEY® has been a market leader in clamps since 1936. If you know clamps, you know BESSEY®. You know our reputation for quality and reliability; you know we’re 130 years of German engineering backed by the strength of our product and our reputation. BESSEY®. Simply better.

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