A recent BESSEY addition to the North American tool offering is the PVA Flooring Spacer. This heavy duty tool makes floor installation easier and quicker.

Precise installation of the first few rows of solid wood and laminate flooring is critical to a pleasing floor project. So often, scrap pieces of wood or packages of wedges are applied between the first row of flooring and the wall in order to maintain correct spacing for expansion joints. The attraction of a tool like the PVA flooring spacer is that it adds a high degree of precision to what might otherwise be an imprecise process and, with a tool that will last far longer than transitory wedges and scrap.

This very durable tool is inserted between the wall and the first row of flooring and can be adjusted by turning the handle. With an adjustment range of 7 – 35 mm, most irregularities in wall surfaces can be compensated for easily.

Apart from its durability, the PVA Flooring Spacer also has the advantage of a very broad contact surface. At more than 5 inches wide and nearly 1.5 inches high, there is a greatly reduced chance of the spacer slipping or becoming completely dislodged at a critical moment.

When the installation work is finished, the PVA flooring spacer is easy to remove; simply rotate the handle to release the pressure. If you are at all inclined to buying a tool that will last and enhance productivity then the PVA flooring spacer is a great tool to consider for flooring professionals. Each PVA unit is expected to retail for under $20.00.

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