CONOVER, NC – In an effort to meet increased demand for its home delivery services segment, furniture supply chain leader Zenith Global Logistics has added Dallas to its growing list of U.S. hubs.

“We’re continuing to hear from both brick-and-motar and e-retailers that are re-examining how to cost-effectively deliver high quality, fast service in their ‘last mile’ of order fulfillment, as home delivery is often called,” said Jack Hawn, President and CEO. “This latest addition to our U.S. home delivery hub network is designed to allow furniture retailers to tap inventory that is closer to the consumer, which in the end helps them provide quick, on-time deliveries.”

“Yet beyond this,” Hawn continued, “Retailers are also telling us they’re looking for a better quality service experience with respect to product handling and care – because let’s face it, there’s nothing more personal in the shopping experience than stepping foot in the customer’s home. The overall experience during home delivery really represents the retailer’s last opportunity to make a lasting, favorable impression on their customer. For repeat business, this is critical.”

The Dallas hub comes on the heels of Zenith Global’s new San Antonio home delivery/split container facility, which was opened in November, as well as its Atlanta home delivery location opened last June. Since late 2009 the logistics provider has also opened a regional freight hub in Tupelo, Mississippi, as well as a multi-tenant warehousing and distribution center in Claremont, NC. Future network expansions include facilities in Seattle, Chicago, Orlando, Elizabethtown, N.J., and Raleigh, N.C.

Zenith Global Logistics is an international supply chain provider specializing in home furnishings, providing comprehensive services from sourcing and shipping through warehousing, transportation and home delivery. Zenith currently operates more than 4.5 million square feet of warehouse domestically, including facilities in California, Texas, North Carolina and Virginia.

SOURCE: Zenith Global Logistics

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