Wooster adds Micro Plush to line of rollers
August 15, 2011 | 7:09 pm CDT

Wooster, OH—Microfiber fabrics are quickly becoming the roller du jour for painters applying low VOC, high color saturation, or fast-drying paints. After success in both 9-inch and 14-inch sizes, The Wooster Brush Company has just released a 4½- inch Micro Plush™ 2-Pack for use with the popular Jumbo-Koter® miniroller system.

Micro Plush rollers are made with soft white microfiber that delivers a very uniform, even finish. It’s excellent for smooth surface applications with all paints and enamels. Painters who enjoy the results of mohair or foam will find that microfiber is an exceptional alternative. Although it’s primarily chosen as a finishing tool, Micro Plush also outperforms competitors’ microfiber rollers in paint pickup and release!

Pairing Micro Plush with the Jumbo-Koter miniroller system creates applicators that are perfect for the smaller wall spaces found in kitchens, bathrooms, and more. In fact, Larry Schwartz, Wooster district manager for Michigan and Indiana, noted, “Painters say Micro Plush is great for cabinets or trim. You can even apply varnish with no bubbles—looks just like it was sprayed.”

All Wooster Jumbo-Koter miniroller fabrics, including Micro Plush, are identical to their full-size counterparts—so painters can paint with the 9-inch, trim with the mini, and achieve a consistent finish texture on their entire project. The new Jumbo-Koter Micro Plush 2-Pack has an approximate retail price of $4.99 USD. Ask for catalog number RR314-4½” at traditional paint and decorating centers, hardware stores, and paint sundry distributors or retailers.

SOURCE: Wooster Brush Co.

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