ELMWOOD PARK, N.J., April 6, 2011 -- The Craft & Hobby Association (CHA) announced the 2010 full-year results from its CHA U.S. Attitude & Usage (A&U) Study. The CHA U.S. A&U Study is a custom quantitative research study commissioned to better understand consumer craft spending and behavior in the United States. The CHA U.S. A&U Study found that 56% of U.S. households crafted at least once during 2010, contributing to the $29.2 billion U.S. craft and hobby industry.

Beginning in January 2010, the CHA U.S. A&U Study was upgraded from a direct mail panel format to an online survey questionnaire. The change provided many benefits including greater depth of data on individual craft segments and purchase drivers, and detailed crafting behavior at the individual and household level. Due to the changes in methodology, sample size, and reclassification of craft segments within the 2010 questionnaire, direct comparisons between the 2010 CHA U.S. A&U Study and previous years are not valid, nor recommended.

The CHA U.S. A&U Study tracks sales and other metrics in eight broad categories comprised of 53 individual craft segments. Categories include: General Crafts ($9.9 billion), Fine Arts ($3.7 billion), Paper & Memory Crafts ($3.3 billion), Needle Crafts ($2.9 billion), Artistic Crafts ($2.6 billion), Sewing Crafts ($2.5 billion), Jewelry Making & Bead Crafts ($2.3 billion) and Floral Crafts ($2.0 billion). During 2010, the General Crafts category represented the largest sector at 34% of all industry sales.

The 2010 CHA U.S. A&U Study also ranked the top ten crafting segments based on consumer spending and household participation which collectively represent 19% of the craft segments and 53% ($15.443 billion) of total industry sales.

Top Ten Craft Segments by Sales

1. Woodworking/Wood Crafts

$3.322 billion

2. Drawing

$2.078 billion

3. Food Crafting

$2.001 billion

4. Jewelry Making

$1.446 billion

5. Scrapbooking & Memory Crafts

$1.440 billion

6. Floral Decorating

$1.303 billion

7. Crocheting

$1.062 billion

8. Card Making

$1.040 billion

9. Home Decor Crafts (Non-Sewing)

$948 million

10. Wedding Crafts

$803 million

 Top Ten Craft Segments by
Household Participation*

1. Drawing

21.1 million

2. Scrapbooking & Memory Crafts

18 .4 million

3. Crocheting

17.4 million

4. Woodworking/Wood Crafts

16.8 million

5. Jewelry Making

14.7 million

6. Card Making

14.0 million

7. Floral Decorating

13.6 million

8. Cross-Stitch

13.3 million

9. Knitting

13.0 million

10. Wreath Making

11.6 million

* Based on 114,200,000 U.S. households

The CHA Attitude & Usage Study is fielded by a major global market research survey provider on behalf of the Craft & Hobby Association for its members, to provide consumer insight that guide decision-making. Complete reports are available free to CHA members or for purchase via email request to Keri Cunningham, Marketing Manager, at kcunningham@craftandhobby.org.

CHA previously announced the first-ever quantitative study on the attitudes and shopping behavior of Canadian craft consumers. The CHA Canada Attitude & Usage Study estimates the size of the Canadian craft and hobby market in addition to identifying important attitudinal drivers of crafting frequency and consumer spending. The study was initiated at the request of Canadian members of CHA and is being conducted in both English and French to include the French speaking population. The study follows the same methodology used in the CHA U.S. A&U study. Full year results for 2011 will be available in early 2012.

About the Craft & Hobby Association
The Craft & Hobby Association (CHA) is an international not-for-profit trade association consisting of thousands of member companies engaged in the design, manufacture, distribution and retail sales of products worldwide including the $29 billion U.S. craft and hobby industry. For more about CHA, membership, or its award-winning CHA Conferences & Trade Shows visit www.craftandhobby.org.

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