The 11th edition of WoodMac China and supporting events WoodBuild and FurniTek China 2011 organised by China National Forestry Machinery Association; Deutsche Messe AG and China International Exhibitions, a member of Allworld Exhibitions, closed last week in Shanghai. Reports of record numbers of overseas buyers attending and the world’s first showing of Raute’s latest technology were set against a background of rising business confidence for sales of woodworking technology to the Chinese domestic market.

The exhibition recorded a 20% growth in area to 35,000 square metres with the biggest addition coming from European panel technology companies and Chinese exhibitors offering a wide range of forestry, panel board, furniture, wood flooring, window and door and other wood product manufacturing technology. International participation was dominated by European exhibitors particularly pavilions from national wood technology associations from Germany, the VDMA and from Italy, ACIMALL. WoodMac China 2011 was exclusively supported by the 13-member country associations that together make up EUMABOIS the European Federation of Woodworking Associations. While Chinese participation is under the auspices of the China National Forestry Machinery Association and the private sector woodworking guilds of Shanghai, Harbin in North China, Qingdao, in the East and Shunda, South China.

Visitors to the 4-day expo totaled 16,730. Representing a 22% increase on the numbers at the last edition in 2009. Reflecting a considerable upturn in the market from 24 months ago. Chinese mainland attendance made up the bulk of visitors recording 14,700 in total. However, most noticed by exhibitors were the large numbers, 1,950 in total attending from 80 countries from as far as Brazil to Peru to Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and India, to Iran to Russia and Mongolia, Malaysia to Indonesia.

“We are very pleased to have received an order from Iran on the first show day” commented Sergio Ippoliti, International Sales, Instalmec Italy

“We have sold 200 panel saw machines and 8 edge banding machines on the first two days of the show to overseas buyers” Eric Liu, Vice Chairman and President, Unisunx Woodworking Machinery, Qingdao China.

While international visitors taking advantage of the organisers Business matching Programme were able to meet the suppliers they needed.

“On arriving at the exhibition I was provided with a complete appointment schedule of meetings. I met 8 suppliers of rotary lathes and concluded a purchase contract with one of them” Robert Kua, MD, Ruterna Holdings, Philippines.

Chinese buyers attended from all over the country. From Guangdong province in the south, the former “capital of furniture production” and now experiencing a resurgence of business to the new wood product markets of Sichuan province in South West China to the traditional markets of Beijing and the North.
“We received more orders, more new contacts and an unexpected number of buyers attending from North China” Irene Bian, Marketing and Foreign Trade Manager, China FOMA (Group).

“We organised a delegation visit by 40 of our members. Two concluded purchase contracts at the show while others hope to place orders in the coming months”
Ni Guoliang, Secretary General, Suzhou Furniture Association

WoodMac China is the only specialist trade show in China for 2011 that offers a platform for the “total woodworking technology sector”. Everything from forestry to logging machines; saws to wood processing; wood panel and veneer technology; machinery for furniture, wood flooring, window and door production; wood products and hardware. Machinery on show ranged from the world’s first public display of new technology from Raute, Finland, labour saving and energy efficient machines from Germany, Italy and Spain to intermediate and appropriate level technology from Chinese suppliers.

“We have had an amazing response to the first showing in the world of our newest technology the twin peel veneer cutting machine. Clients have come from as far afield as Saudi Arabia, South America and of course China,” commented Pekka Punonen, R&D Engineer, Raute Corporation.

“We represent a wide range of Taiwanese manufacturers of machines for furniture, windows, door and flooring. We have been delighted by sales achieved at WoodMac. Much more than is possible from a specialist show for just flooring or furniture technology,” commented Zheng Guohui, GM, Guoming Machinery and Electronic Equipment.

“Sold all the machines on our stand by the end of the second day. Including 4 special curve surface sanders and some precision processing centres. Now wish we had brought more to the show” commented Zhu Yaguang, President, Qingdao New Motivity Woodworking Machinery Co.

Alongside the exhibition the leading Chinese wood industry associations and institutes organised a series of specialist conferences and award ceremonies. Subjects included a technology forum for labour efficient woodworking machines and energy saving cutting tools; flooring and cabinet makers AGM; wood in interior design; to controlling production quality for wood product manufacturing. All seminars and events were over subscribed with participants eager to learn the latest industry trends and developments.

“Our conference and award ceremony for the best wood product manufacturers in Shanghai of furniture, flooring, windows and staircases was over subscribed. We had to add additional seats to cater for the extra delegates that attended” commented Xu Shaohua, Chairman, Shanghai Timber Industry Association.

Results from WoodMac China 2011 show beyond any doubt that the Chinese market for woodworking technology is back and growing fast again. From the atmosphere of the exhibition and comments made by exhibitors and visitors it was obvious that demand for new faster, labour saving and energy efficient technology is strong. A trend that offers significant opportunities for international suppliers “As world and domestic customers of wood products demand higher quality at affordable prices, Chinese producers have matured and now recognized the benefits to be gained by employing quality technology over price” said Brendan Jennings, GM, China International Exhibitions.

WoodMac China and associate shows WoodBuild and FurniTek will return to Shanghai from 6-8 March 2013. For further information visit

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