Kansas City, Mo., June 22, 2010 – Saepio, a leading provider of marketing technology for corporations with distributed marketing networks, announced today that it has been selected by Woodcraft Supply, LLC, one of the nation's oldest and largest suppliers of quality woodworking tools and supplies, to provide localized marketing capabilities for its 84 stores nationwide. Woodcraft franchisees will take full advantage of Saepio’s technology to communicate on a local level, creating relevant campaigns tailored specifically to the customer’s local store.

Being part of the woodworking business requires passion and appreciation for the industry, qualities that every Woodcraft franchise owner possesses. However, without the proper tools it is impossible to convey that passion to the public. Prior to installing Saepio, Woodcraft was utilizing an in-house project management solution. As the organization grew in both size and complexity, it needed a flexible solution that could expand while also delivering consistency and quality materials. Additionally, Woodcraft is focused on activating its local franchisees and encouraging them to become more involved in the marketing development creative process.

“As the channels we use to reach our customers continue to grow and customers become increasingly savvy, it is important that we’re able to provide them with information that is timely, relevant and consistent with our core values,” said Jeff Forbes, President of Woodcraft. “Saepio gives us the perfect balance of freedom and control to make that happen.”

“At Saepio, we understand how important it is to empower franchise owners, those individuals on the ground, communicating with consumers one-to-one, by allowing them to act and react creatively in their unique local markets,” said John Thomson, President and CEO of Saepio. “Woodcraft franchisees have the insight into what is relevant to their customers and Saepio will help them through the creative process, turning insight into action.”

Saepio equips Woodcraft with the necessary tools to position itself over the competition. Localized marketing efforts allow franchisees to be more proactive, flexible and creative in response to big brand stores, as well as local mom and pop stores. Saepio will assist franchisees in crafting creative and unique marketing materials that speak directly to their consumer base.

Woodcraft announced the implementation of Saepio’s technology to franchisees at its national sales conference on June 5, 2010.

About Saepio
Saepio empowers marketers to plan and execute meaningful and engaging marketing campaigns across distributed networks and around the globe – ensuring local relevance, brand consistency, speed to market and significant cost savings. The world’s best known brands turn to Saepio’s powerful software platform and extensive portfolio of support services to automate the marketing process, eliminate redundancy and ensure that all marketers connected to the brand – whether global, distributed, franchise, VAR or chain store marketers – have the assets and tools they need to quickly customize and execute campaigns. To learn more about Saepio, visit www.saepio.com.

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